Little Life Lessons

Little Life Lessons

One and a half weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The experience and the following few days were nothing like what I thought they would be, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. That will be the topic of a future blog post, but the result is that I have now spent 8 days with a precious Little Hooman, and have learnt a thing or four…

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To Iron, or Not to Iron?

To Iron, or Not to Iron?

Today, I ironed.

This may not seem like a big deal to other people, but the fact that I haven’t ironed anything in probably close on 5 years makes it a relatively big deal to me.

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Dear Baby Girl,

As we settle into the second week of this lockdown, I realise with more and more clarity that this is not a normal world that you are going to be born into. While I am hoping and praying that things will have at least somewhat returned to ‘normal’ in 5 weeks’ time, I am acutely aware that the chances get slimmer every day, and that this ‘new normal’ may be indefinitely prolonged.

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Inktober 2018 Day 1: Poisonous

Oh my word, it has been a (very long) while! But I’m back (for the moment at least)!

Last week my almost-sister-in-law talked me into participating in the 2018 Inkober initiative. She has been participating in it for a couple of years (she is an awesome artist, you should totally check out her website, and some of her previous Inktobers here, here, and here…). The initial conversation went something like this: Continue reading “Inktober 2018 Day 1: Poisonous”

Dogs and Soily Socks

Nanuq (AKA Nookie, AKA Baby Girl), came into our lives as a flea-ridden, tick-infested, worm-infected puppy. We got her the day after the first dog I have ever truly loved passed away unexpectedly. Husband-man was insistent, but I believe I said something along the lines of “you can get a new dog, but you can’t make me love it”.

Baby Nanuq
Nanuq on her first day with us… Wasn’t she gorgeous?
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