Only Human Website of the Week: Perfect for all of those people who hate watching animals die in movies!

“Answering the most important movie question: does the dog die?”


As one of the most practical websites that I have ever come across, and one of the ones that I use most often in my personal life (as opposed to my work life, which are two very different things), I have chosen to make my first “Website of the Week”.

I am one of those people who gets super upset when animals die in movies. When a person dies… Meh… not so much. But if an animal dies, then the tears will inevitably flow, my heart will break, and my brain is consumed with thoughts about the death for (at least) the next few hours.

In fact, whenever an animal makes an appearance in a movie (or a TV series), I immediately start worrying about whether or not it is going to make it to the end, which does rather ruin the viewing experience. I used to ask my husband, in the hopes that he had some omniscient ability, whether the featured animal was going to die. However, because he is not all knowing, he didn’t always have the answers, and this occasionally led to a rather traumatising, and sudden, end to our viewing of the movie.

And then I discovered this amazing website. The concept is so simple: A site which is able to tell you whether or not an animal (not just dogs, but also cats and hamsters and pigs and so on) dies in a movie, without giving away too much (if any) of the plot. And it does this for over 3500 movies! The website provides 3 possible ratings: A smiley doggy for “no pets die”, a sad face doggy for “a pet is injured or appears dead but ultimately lives”, and a crying doggy for “a pet dies”. If you are like me, then you will definitely want to avoid movies with the crying doggy rating (and possibly even movies with the sad face doggy rating).

This website is now so much a part of our lives, that whenever an animal appears onscreen, my husband whips out his cell phone to check the animal’s destiny without either of us having to say anything.

Simple, practical, genius.



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