In future posts, I will introduce you to my four perfect (at least most of the time) furchildren: Gordon, Nanuq, Gandalf, and Storm.

In the meantPawprintsime, I want to briefly mention something that I have discovered over the past couple of years. It is something that I find fascinating: I can almost always tell which of my furchildren is walking up the stairs/walking down the passage/sneaking up behind me by the particular sound that they make when they walk.

Their walks are just so individual: Storm’s is slow and heavy (he is the old boy, and has had a rough life). Nanuq’s is light and feminine (she is the girl of the group, and can be a real bitch). Gordon’s is quick and strong (he is the smallest of the four, and the guard dog of the house). And Gandalf’s is… well… just Gandalf (he definitely marches to the beat of his own drum, but more about him in a future post).

I’m not sure why the fact that I can identify them by the way that they walk surprises (and amazes) me so much. After all, I am often told that I have a very distinctive walk (the jury is still out on whether that is a good thing or not), and they are very distinctive personalities in so many other areas.

All I do know is that it is instances such as these that prove to me, once again, that dogs are just as human as people.



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