PostSecret is, I believe, one of the best initiatives to ever hit humanity.

According to the site, it is “an ongoing community art project” and “the largest advertisement-free Blog in the world”. At the time of my writing this, it had 752 974 854 hits. I’m not even sure how to say that number out aloud!

The premise is simple… People send in their deepest, darkest secrets on the back of a(n anonymous) postcard. Every Sunday Frank Warren (the founder) uploads a collection of the received secrets to his site. Reading the new secrets on a Sunday morning has become a ritual for many people across the world (it is one of my rituals).


One of my favourite PostSecret secrets of all time (from December 2011, viewable here) is:

My biggest secret is that I didn’t propose to my wife. There was a plane flying over us at the beach with a “will you marry me” banner. She thought it was for her and got so excited I didn’t want to tell her it wasn’t.

I don’t know how that marriage turned out. But I hope that they are happy.


A while ago, someone contacted Frank Warren (the founder) and asked why so many of the secrets on the site are negative. They wanted to know where all the happy secrets were. His reply was, in my opinion, beautiful:

If I got more happy secrets I would share them, but true secrets are more often not the positive sentiments we post about ourselves on Facebook or see reflected in Hallmark cards, they are the complicated feelings we struggle with in the dark because they make us feel alone.

PostSecret has allowed me to see my own dark and secret struggles with mental illness (and, sometimes, my achievements) mirrored in the words of complete strangers. I think that there is something truly amazing about being able to share in the complicated feelings of others and to know, through this anonymous sharing, that we are not alone.

That sometimes our best just has to be good enough.

That we are ALL only human.



2 thoughts on “WEBSITE OF THE WEEK:

    1. There are similar pages in other countries, some affiliated to the original, some not. If you are serious about starting such a page (which I think is a good idea) then you should contact Frank Warren to find out about affiliation.


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