10 Signs You Are a (Husky) Furparent

10 Signs You Are a Furparent... How many of these have you experienced?

One thing that I have learned in the past 4 years is that when you become a parent of furchildren your life is furever (haha, see what I did there?) changed. It seems like this change is particularly evident in the case of canine furchildren, and even more so in the case of huskies (although I’m willing to admit that I may be biased).

So here are some of the experiences that I have had, which have made me realise that my life will never be the same again…

1. You are constantly covered in dog hair, but you still wear black clothing to work. Because black is versatile, and because white hair on black clothing adds character. Or texture. Or something. It’s a fashion statement (although your boss may not agree with this, and may attempt to brush you off before meetings…). 

2. You ask, in all seriousness, who buried your shoe, and insist that if that someone (who is probably Nanuq) returns it before you need to go to work you will not be mad. And then, of course, it doesn’t get returned, so you go to work annoyed, only to have your husband-man insist that you apologise to Nanuq when you find the missing shoe at the bottom of the dirty laundry basket later that night…

3. You can’t leave your dinner unattended, because it (much like your shoes) will probably disappear. And if it does disappear you will always know who the culprit is by which of the furchildren has a big smile on her/his face and is engaging in lots of satisfied lip licking. And then you  will need to resort to 2-minute noodles.

4. You get concerned when you haven’t seen or heard from the furchildren in more than 15 minutes. Not because you think something may have happened to them, but because you are pretty sure that they may be the cause of something happening (e.g., things being buried, holes being dug, walls being climbed, plants being eaten…). When you have a husky, silence is very suspicious.

5. You are used to sleeping at a ridiculous angle so that your dog is as comfortable as possible. When you have really large, really heavy dogs who are difficult to move, you learn very quickly who owns the bed space. For me this usually means having at least half of my body sticking out of the covers, which is rather chilly in winter.

#5: When your dog takes over your bed...
I got to bed one night, and this is what I found… No space for me!

6. Whenever someone pulls out photos of their (human) children to show you, you pull out photos of your dogs to show them. And you proceed to match every story that they tell you with one of your own. Because, let’s face it, your furchildren are so much cuter than their human children.

7. The people at the carwash know your car, and try to hide when they see you coming. “Oh… um… it’s the yellow car, right? The one with all the dog hair?” Yes. Yes it is. “Ye… that’s going to take 4 hours…” Of course it is.

#7: Your car is full of dog hair.
We have been on holiday twice with 3 dogs and luggage in my tiny car…

8. You choose your vacation destinations based on whether your fuchildren are welcome or not. I absolutely hate leaving my dogs for vacations (I tend to spend the entire time worrying about them), and in South Africa this means that your options are rather limited, especially when 3 of your 4 dogs weigh more than 30kg each. But it can be (and has been) done. In fact, it was on one dog-inclusive such vacation that husband-man and I became engaged (but that is a story for another time).

9. You only really bother to sweep or vacuum before you have guests over. Because no matter how often you sweep, there is always more that needs sweeping (especially at coat blowing time)… And there has to be more to life than sweeping.

10. Nothing makes you happier than being greeted at the gate by (insert relevant number here) furry faces. The best remedy for a bad day at work is the excitement that occurs when mommy (or daddy) drives up the road (because they definitely know the sound that our cars make). The unconditional love and joy that my 4 dogs express upon seeing me is unsurpassed by anything else.

#10: Having your furchildren greet you at the gate when you get home from work is the best!
Welcome home, Mommy!

Even though I am permanently covered in dog hair, my car smells like dogs, I can’t always go on holiday when/where I want to, and my shoes (usually the left ones) sometimes go missing, I wouldn’t change a thing. And I’m pretty sure that anyone who has experienced the love and joy of furchildren would agree with me…


How many of these have you experienced? Do you have any other “signs” that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you in the comments!


Original title photograph courtesy of Corinne Meyer photography (thank you, Corinne!)


7 thoughts on “10 Signs You Are a (Husky) Furparent

  1. So cute …I”m a goldendoodle parent …and oh, how we take on similarities of similar doodle parents! Dogs truly are an amazing blessing. Happy Monday! Megs


  2. Ooooh… Perhaps I should try a doughnut bribe next time I need to get my car dealt with! Such a good idea.

    I think that getting to spend time on holiday with your furkids is so important. Where are you getting passports for? Very exciting 🙂


  3. Great read..
    Last two to go.at to read. 3, 7& 8.
    I almost vacuum every day..in a compact bungalow with a carpet runner by back door flap, sitting room and bedroom…
    Huge garden. .one of two dogs Eski (F) digs…the mowing is more & more of a challenge for hubby.
    I don’t want to leave them so my breaks are weekend or week husky breaks to camp with small caravan..and friend. (Working on passports now!) Hubby still works and enjoys ‘lone’ time at home – also domesticated so any outstanding chores are done when I’m back and a meal waiting too!. (I was medically retired Sep 2012).
    Mine don’t sleep on the bed.. 5 ft just not big enough with two huskyxmals but they fo sometimes sleep in bedroom when the door is open. However, morning times, once hubby is up getting ready for work, they are on the bed … (like now as I text) … hubby knows when he is replaceable…
    Their bed/crate are in the large inner hall right off bedroom and six other rooms.
    My car is alway furry. ..with my tools handy, windscreen washer and oil plus extras.. The boot of my lwb 4×4 Pajero has room for two (poss a third furkud but divorce imminent if that happens). And yes the hand car wash guys (Albanian) are good. ..I bribe with doughnuts to get a good job done!)


  4. Haha! We get numbers 1, 3, 4 (only it’s’ more like 1 minute in our house XD ), so much 5 (I slept with my face pushed up against the bedroom wall last night, hanging off the bed, so Nyx was comfy 😀 ), 6, 8 (actually haven’t had a holiday in 4 years because we have pets!!), 9 and 10 😀


    1. It is very nice to know that the furparent experience is pretty universal 🙂 Perhaps number 2 is a bit too personal to have a shared experience, but it was just too funny (in my opinion) not to include. I’m envious of your car situation…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahahaha, no we don’t get number 7 only because we don’t have a car!!! I’m sure if we did it would be *coated* in hair 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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