WotW fmylife

“Sometimes life has things in store for us that leave us stunned when they happen… Using FML, everyone can tell their story, their day-to-day encounters with crapness and things that go wrong.”

I discovered FMyLife a number of years ago. It’s been a while since I have visited it, and wow, has it grown!

It is a place for people, from anywhere in the world, to post short stories about humiliating/upsetting/traumatic things that they experience (usually with a humorous flavour) . Each story starts with the word “Today” and ends with the acronym “FML”, and they are categorised under various topics, including ‘love’, ‘animals’, ‘kids’, and ‘geek’.

One of the ‘nice’ things about this site is that it is very interactive:

  • You are able to submit your own FML without having to create an account (all submissions have to go through a moderation process, so it is possible that it won’t be published, but it might be);
  • You can moderate the submitted FMLs (so you can be involved in deciding which ones get published);
  • You can vote on the already moderated and published FMLs (either “I agree, your life sucks” or “You deserved it”);
  • You can comment on the FMLs (although for this you do need to have created an account).

Ultimately, reading about all of the hilarious awful things that happen to other people is bound to make you feel better about all of the things happening in your own life, even if only for a little while. And I think that is okay, because we are all only human.


Do you have a website that you would like to see featured on “Website of the Week”? If so, let me know!



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