Fighting Flu and Emptying My Email

I am one of those people who dreams about being organised. I would love to be one of those bloggers who can post about my fantastic filing systems, my nifty notebooks, my magnificent menu plans, my faultless finances, and my Pinterest-perfect printables.

But, alas, that level of organisation always seems to elude me. I have tried online systems, offline systems, OneNote, Filofaxes, flipfiles, printouts, Excel spreadsheets, paper calendars, Bullet Journals (which is my latest system, and one that seems to kind of work for me), and everything short of actually hiring someone to do it all for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t as if my life is a downwardly spiraling, out of control disaster. My life usually involves a moderate level of organisation (things get done, more often than not on time, and I haven’t yet killed the furchildren or husband-man), and I go through phases of pretty decent organisation. I’m also sure that people who don’t know me very well (or who only know me at work) would call me organised… But, in general, I’m all about faking it until I make it… And I definitely haven’t made it.

This past week I was booked off work with the flu. I don’t usually go to the doctor for flu, I usually just ride it out (probably while making other people sick in the process… Sorry about that). This time, however, husband-man insisted that I go, and I’m rather glad that he did (just don’t tell him that I’ve said this).

Apart from the fact that I really was quite ill (I spent most of the week unable to breathe properly, alternating between a blocked nose and a ridiculously tight chest), it was actually a relatively decent week. I got to spend some quality time with the dogs, and I caught up on some of my unwatched series.

But, most impressively, I got my personal email inbox under control. While this may not sound like a massive task to many of you, to me (who is unable to delete emails out of a crippling obsessive-compulsive fear that one day, 36 years in the future, I may need them) it is huge (especially since I have only been using this particular email since the beginning of the year, and it was already out of control). There was much filing and deleting, and the end result is:

I now have 0 unread emails in my inbox, and only 18 unfiled ones. 

#lifegoals #victory #achievements

So perhaps the time off was exactly what I needed… to get better (obviously), but also to have some time to myself (and with the dogs), get some perspective, and work (with very baby steps) towards some life-organisation.

Tomorrow I will be back at work (still sniffling and coughing, sorry in advance), trying to make up for the days that I missed last week (and dealing with the almost 200 emails I see are waiting for me). But that is tomorrow’s problem.

For now, the big question now is, am I going to be able to maintain my new-found organisation in my email life? And the even bigger question is, am I going to extend this decluttering and organisation into other spheres of my life? I’m definitely going to do my best, but I guess that only time will tell…



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