Matroosberg Magic

A Family Holiday with a Sprinkling of Snow

Yesterday we got back from a 3 night holiday at the amazing Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve with friends. We have been there twice before (we have stayed in their Ski Hut every time) and it is amazing. It is electricity (i.e., television, cellphone, etc.) free, it is quiet, it is cheap, it is where we got engaged, and best of all, it is somewhere that we can take our dogs… Family holiday for the win…

I love taking the dogs there because they can run freely and they enjoy it so much. There is a lovely hike up to some rockpools that we go on and the dogs have a wonderful time.

Exploring Dogs
The furkids exploring their new environment.

But this time was particularly special, as our snow dogs got to see snow for the first time.

It was fantastic. On the second night we were there, the temperature plummeted (oh my word, was it cold), and when we woke up the next morning the mountaintops were covered in white.

So we started the journey up the mountain to investigate. Unfortunately, our car didn’t make it up the 4×4 trail, so husband-man and I (and the furkids) had to settle for the 2×4 trail (which was a lot less scary, and which I was not-so-secretly glad about). Once we reached as far as we could go with the car, we got out, let the furkids off lead and hiked the available trail. It was magical.

Gandalf in Snow

Gandalf in the Snow… Can you see him?

Parts of the trail weren’t particularly well marked and so they required some bundu bashing, but it was worth it. The snow wasn’t super thick, but it was thick (and cold) enough. The white on top on the green of the fynbos gave everything a silvery hue.

Proteas in the Snow
Snow-covered proteas

We eventually came out at a river, which was flowing with quite some strength, and the dogs went swimming (of course). Even Gordon, who isn’t a snow dog, took a dip (although I think he regretted it afterwards).

Me and the Babies
Me and all the babies… Gandalf on the left, Storm behind me, Nanuq to my left, and Gordon in the front.

The trail was relatively quiet (most people had taken the 4×4 track) which added to the magic. However, every time we did see a person the dogs were ooh-ed and aah-ed over (look at the huskies in the snow!).

It was a wonderful experience, and husband-man and I promised each other that one day, when we have hit the jackpot, we will purchase a real 4×4 and take the dogs up to the top of the mountain, where the thick snow is. But for now, I am just super happy that Storm got to see snow before he crosses the rainbow bridge.

There were a couple of funny dog-related moments on this holiday (Gordon had a run in with a sleeping bag, and Gandalf had a run in with a gas heater), but I think that I will save them for another post.



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