You know it is raining hard when…

Cape Town, and South Africa more generallyhas been hit by particularly violent cold front over the past 24 hours (apparently the north of our country is prone to tornadoes…. who knew??), and is supposed to be affected until Thursday.

The university where I work doesn’t have very many undercover walkways, so when you need to move from one side of the main campus to the other (which I had to do a couple of times today), a large portion of the trip will be out in the open, beneath the clouds. As such, I was quite exposed to today’s wet weather elements, and started to think about the fact that you know it is raining particularly hard in Cape Town when

1. You get soaking wet walking between your driver’s door and the boot of your car when you arrive at work, and vice versa when you leave work (which, when you have a car as tiny as mine, is not a very far distance at all).

2. Even though you are only driving 60 km/hour down the motorway, it feels like you are going about 130 km/hour (and you are sure that everyone going faster than you should be arrested!).

3. You have to drive through a puddle that is so big that you aren’t sure whether your little yellow car is going to make it to the other side, or whether it is going to drown (snorkel, anyone?).

4. You are not bothered at traffic lights by people selling avocados/wanting to wash your windscreen/offering to collect your rubbish/selling you various magazines.

5. Your huskies, who are made for cold weather, are not interested in going outside (and if they do go outside, you have to towel dry them off when they come back in).

6. Your top, which was underneath another top, which was underneath your coat, is wet.

7. Your jeans, which are wet up to the top of your thighs, are so heavy with water that they refuse to stay up (although this did make me feel a little thinner than usual)!




3 thoughts on “You know it is raining hard when…

  1. Thanks for your comment!

    That weather was somewhat uncharacteristic of our South African winters. We usually have some rain, but not like that!

    South Africa (and specially Cape Town) is a really stunning place. Our summers can get really warm, and are usually full of tourists, so I would say that our spring months (i.e., September/October/November) are probably the best time to visit!


  2. Oh man, I had no idea that it rained that hard/much in S.Africa! I still have been dying to visit- when are the best months to visit would you say? Also #5, 6, and 7 made me chuckle! Try to stay dry over there!!!

    xo, JJ


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