8 Thoughts I Have Had This Week (and It Is Only Tuesday)

Clearly these are not the ONLY thoughts I have had this week, but they are some of the more memorable. In no particular order…:


1. I need a PA. 

But seriously. When did I become the type of person who schedules meetings 4 months in advance? And when did I become the type of person who schedules meetings in other provinces? Who am I?

2. Today isn’t Tuesday. It’s Wednesday.

I typed the title of this blog post to a friend (hi, Muya!). And then I realised that today is not Tuesday. It is Wednesday. Refer back to Point 1 above – at least a PA would know what day of the week it is.


3. Oh my word. It is the third Wednesday of January.

And I’m supposed to be uploading post #3 (“Meet my family”) from “The 52-Week Blog Challenge” on Friday. And I haven’t even finished #1 (“Meet my best friend”, although it is half written). How are we already 3 weeks into January? Cue huge amounts of guilt that my one resolution for this year is already broken.


4. How is it only the 18th of January?

I love how this thought, and Point 3’s thought are not at all incompatible with each other. I feel like so much has happened since I went back to work (a week and a half ago), that it is far too much for just 8 days (refer back to Point 1).


5. Why is my cellphone camera taking a black photo?

Because your new, flappy cellphone cover’s front flap is folded back over the camera lens. That’s why.


6. Why is my foot wet?

When walking up the corridor in our house, your feet are likely to become covered in dog hair. They do not, however, usually become wet. Apparently someone (a canine someone) decided to be sick in the corridor and didn’t have the decency to warn me. My next thought was a 4-letter word (clue, it wasn’t “eeew”).


7. Someone needs to make odourless Savlon/Dettol.

Stormie Bug had his nose attacked by Gordon this morning. Nothing too serious, just a sibling disagreement, but it bled. So I tried to Dettol it. But the smell of the Dettol so offended Stormie that he wouldn’t let it anywhere near him. I ended up with more Dettol on me than on him. And then because I smelled bad, he wouldn’t let me pat him.


8. My best is just going to have to be good enough.

Refer to Points 1, 3, and 4 above. Also see the tag line for this blog.



What is your top thought thus far this week? Share it in the comments!



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