“Are you sure you don’t need a trolley, Ma’am?”

I went grocery shopping this evening. Having typed that sentence, I realise that it sounds like I don’t go grocery shopping very often, which is not at all true. I find myself in a supermarket a couple of times a month. Sometimes husband-man accompanies me, but more often than not I go by myself, which is usually how I prefer it (ssshhh, don’t tell husband-man!).

I find that there is something rather therapeutic about wandering up and down the aisles by myself, comparing the prices of products, thinking my thoughts, and ticking items off my (electronic) grocery list. The previous sentence does, of course, assume that my shopping expeditions are not taking place immediately after pay day, for those are somewhat less therapeutic and more blood pressure raising.

But I digress.

The point of this post is that it never ceases to amaze me how concerned the tellers are when I proceed to pick up my shopping and walk out of the store without the aid of a trolley. I hear “Are you sure you don’t need a trolley, Ma’am?” at least once a month.

This evening I bought a number of relatively small items, which went either into my plastic shopping bag (which I brought with me from home) or into my handbag (because I need to take them to work tomorrow), a 2 litre bottle of Cream Soda flavoured cold drink (it wasn’t actual Cream Soda, because name brand stuff is expensive), and a 6-pack of 1 litre long life milks. And after I had paid the total, I went to pick everything up, and I heard that same line: “Are you sure you don’t need a trolley, Ma’am?”

I am sure, thank you.

Many years ago (it must be 6 or so now) I lived in a flat that was on the third (top) floor of the building. The building had no elevator, only many (MANY) stairs. My parking space was also rather far away from the entrance to my particular portion of the building, and so very early on (mostly because I was lazy) I learned to transport all of my shopping from my car to my flat in just one trip. The result is that I can carry a fair number of relatively heavy bags all by myself without too many problems. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Superwoman or anything, but I can definitely handle a reasonable amount of shopping.

Also, I have to wonder if a male-type person would be asked the same question (but that is probably a discussion for another day).

So I smiled at the cashier, made some joke about how I was making up for having missed gym this morning, slung my handbag over my right shoulder, stowed the 2l Cream Soda imposter under my left arm, picked up the milk in my right hand, and the plastic shopping bag in my left hand, and walked (in my high heels) out of the shop, with my head held high, without the aid of the trolley.

Because sometimes your best really IS good enough.



Do you ever get asked this? Or is it just me? Share it in the comments!




2 thoughts on ““Are you sure you don’t need a trolley, Ma’am?”

  1. What a thoughtful post. It was well-written, and though I had to stop and figure out that a trolley was a shopping cart (lol), I loved reading your story! You have a unique perspective that stood out to me. For me, I’m glad people are still concerned. I’m glad people still bother to ask if you’re okay and need help. I definitely understand being independent–I love doing things on my own, in my own time and way! But I also like it when people show concern when there are so many others who are self-absorbed.
    But, great blog. I also am a blogger, and was led to your blog by your comment on my page, The Organized Independent. Keep up the amazing work! 😉


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