Hole(way) to Hell

This morning, Husband-Man woke up to find that Gordon’s rear end was sticking up in the air, in the direction of our bedroom window-door.

After some investigation, it turned out that not only was his rear end sticking up in the air, but it was also sticking out of a hole…

The Hole
The Hole

A rather deep hole, that has gotten both deeper and bigger (with rather a lot of help) as the day has progressed. In fact, this hole is now so at home in our back garden that it has sprouted a child hole (which is connected via a tunnel).

The original hole (on top) and its offspring.
The original hole (on top) and its offspring.

As a mother, I’m quite proud to see the teamwork from my furchildren that has gone into accomplishing this rather mammoth task. However as a homeowner I’m horrified that our already awful looking lawn (thank you, water restrictions) now has a crater in the middle of it. And as a hanger of washing, I’m quite concerned about misstepping and breaking my leg (or getting lost down it in some sort of Alice in Wonderland type effort). I’m also a little worried that they might end up on the other side of the garden fence…

It was Gandalf's turn to investigate...
It was Gandalf’s turn to investigate…

In fact, having now thought about Alice in Wonderland, I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see a white rabbit appearing out of this hole, especially given that the dogs are EXTREMELY interested in it, and have taken to guarding the entrance in shifts.

Gordon guarding The Hole.
Gordon guarding The Hole.

While it is clear that the hole needs to be dealt with, I don’t want to end their fun too soon… Perhaps tomorrow morning I will ask Husband-Man to fill it in. In the meantime, I will wait to see if any white rabbits carrying pocket watches make an appearance!



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