Help! My Tail is on Fire!

Gandalf Face

As mentioned in my previous Matroosberg-related post (from many months ago), Gandalf had a run-in with a gas heater… This is that story.

It was Day 3 of the trip… The snow day. It was bitterly cold, and all of us humans (7 in total) were attempting to get ready for our trip up to the snow without exposing too much skin to the frigid air.

We were all standing fairly near to the gas heater. In fact, the youngest member of the group had gotten his socks a little too close to the heater and had burnt holes in the toes (much to my amusement, and not so much to his mother’s).

I had spent a lot of the night before trying to make sure that the dogs didn’t get too close to the heater as we had had a small hair singeing experience with our gas heater at home, but that morning I clearly wasn’t paying close enough attention.

The next thing I knew there was a cloud of smoke and the teenager of the group suddenly shouted “Gandalf’s tail is on fire”. And then the smell of burning fur assaulted us. If you haven’t experienced this particular odour, it is difficult to understand just how disgusting it truly is. And yet, despite all of the commotion, Gandalf was still standing there, his tail against the heater, smoking up the room, as if nothing was happening.

Luckily his tail is so thick and bushy that it didn’t do much damage. The part of the tail that made friends with the heater was a bit of a funny brown colour for a while afterwards, and it felt more rough than the rest of his tail (his tail may be thick and bushy, but it has never been silky and smooth).

Luckily, no major damage (except to the inside of our olfactory organs) was done. And I’m willing to bet that will not be the last time that we experience such an event… I will keep you updated this winter…


Has anything like this every happened to your furbabies (or to you)? Share your story in the comments!



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