Formula 1 Fun!

When I was a little girl, my grandfather (rest his soul) was an avid Sunday watcher of Formula One. For many years I could not understand the appeal of watching cars drive around and around the same track for over 50 laps. All of that changed in 2012 after I started dating husband-man (who was then boyfriend-man).

My first ever Grand Prix was the Japanese race in 2012. I was so invested in Kamui Kobayashi getting a podium (i.e., third place) finish that I could barely contain my excitement. And from that moment I was hooked.

Since then I have been a McLaren-Honda-Jensen-Button fan. I was quite heartbroken when Button retired at the end of the 2016 season. However, despite his retirement, and the fact that McLaren-Honda has had a… difficult… couple of years, I am still supporting them (Go Alonso! Go Vandoorne!).

I will also support anyone who appears to be challenging Mercedes. Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy for Rosberg when he won last year’s championship over Hamlton (I’m not a big Hamilton fan), but it isn’t much fun when the real competition is a “best of the rest”affair. Here’s hoping that the the 2017 season is a bit more exciting…

And speaking of the 2017 season, today was (finally) the first Formula 1 race of 2017, which is super exciting.

Here are some of my thoughts from this weekend’s qualifying session:

Oooh! Pink cars! Enough said. Thanks, Force India.

Hmmm… These pink (and orange) cars are going to clash with some of the tyre options. Some people (and I assume that they were men) have no sense of colour matching.

Thank goodness Torro Rosso has made their cars look different to Red Bull. I spent a lot of the past couple of seasons trying to work out which team was which.

Why do Mercedes drivers have fake watches on their gloves? I don’t get it. Must be a man again.

And here are some of my thoughts from today’s race session:

Magnussen needs to learn where the track ends and the non-track area begins. For that matter, Vandoorne might also need to take that class.

The Mercedes cars have bunny ears aerials on the back! I wonder if they are picking up any interesting signals?

Vettel’s team radio tells him to “keep your head down”, and of course my first thought is “but not too far down, you still need to see the road!”.

Lap 5 (as Hamilton complains about grip via team radio): Hamilton needs to complain less and race more. To be honest I had this thought more than once during this race (i.e., just about every time he came on the radio, such as Lap 20 and Lap 22 and Lap 25). And I had it a number of times last season.

Lap 10 (as Vandoorne sits in the pit lane for a worryingly long time)It looks like my prediction that one of the McLaren Honda cars would be out within the first 10 laps is coming true… Oh… Wait… There he goes! Yes! Go go go!

Lap 15 (Grosjean enters the pit lane with smoke pouring out of his rear end)Having flashbacks to Raikkonen’s car being on fire (like, actually) in the 2016 Australian race and his incredibly understated radio message of “Something happened, I broke something” as the flames flickered above his head.

Lap 23 (Vettel pits)My heart is about to stop beating… Can he do it? Yes! He can!

Lap 29 (Riccardio pulls off the track and is declared “out”)What a shame for Ricciardo, but that nickname from the commentators (“Danny Rick”) is the best thing I’ve heard all weekend! Also… If just a few more cars pull out then McLaren-Honda may see some points!

Lap 34 (Husband-man, and then immediately afterwards the commentators, comment on the fact that both McLaren-Hondas are still in the race)They better not have jinxed this for me.

Lap 52 (Ocon tries to overtake Alonso): Ocon needs to learn his place. And at this point it is behind Alonso!

Lap 53: Alonso is having car problems. Obviously.

Lap 54 (Alonso retires): They jinxed it! Well, he lasted 44 laps more than I anticipated.

Lap 55: OOH! Vandoorne is 14th. Nope, never mind, we have lost so many cars that 14th is now last place.

Lap 56: And now he is 13th. Which is still last. But it is almost in the points!

Lap 57: And another “pointless” race for McLaren-Honda. But well done to Vettel!

Post-Race: Vettel is the biggest man-child ever, but I love it! You have to love him.


What were your thoughts on today’s race?



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