“Are you sure you don’t need a trolley, Ma’am?”

I went grocery shopping this evening. Having typed that sentence, I realise that it sounds like I don’t go grocery shopping very often, which is not at all true. I find myself in a supermarket a couple of times a month. Sometimes husband-man accompanies me, but more often than not I go by myself, which is usually how I prefer it (ssshhh, don’t tell husband-man!).

I find that there is something rather therapeutic about wandering up and down the aisles by myself, comparing the prices of products, thinking my thoughts, and ticking items off my (electronic) grocery list. The previous sentence does, of course, assume that my shopping expeditions are not taking place immediately after pay day, for those are somewhat less therapeutic and more blood pressure raising.

But I digress.

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8 Thoughts I Have Had This Week (and It Is Only Tuesday)

Clearly these are not the ONLY thoughts I have had this week, but they are some of the more memorable. In no particular order…:


1. I need a PA. 

But seriously. When did I become the type of person who schedules meetings 4 months in advance? And when did I become the type of person who schedules meetings in other provinces? Who am I?

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Where did 2016 go?

“How is it the last day of 2016?” I’ve asked myself that question at least 10 times in the last hour.

From my side, 2016 was a bit of a mixed bag. On the positive side, husband-man and I had an awesome honeymoon (which involved bungee jumping – tick off the bucket list), we adopted Stormie Bug, who has brought endless enjoyment to our life, we took our snow dogs to see snow in Matroosberg, I turned 30 (which I’m now considering a plus, but was definitely depressing at the time), and I started this blog!
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You know it is raining hard when…

Cape Town, and South Africa more generallyhas been hit by particularly violent cold front over the past 24 hours (apparently the north of our country is prone to tornadoes…. who knew??), and is supposed to be affected until Thursday.

The university where I work doesn’t have very many undercover walkways, so when you need to move from one side of the main campus to the other (which I had to do a couple of times today), a large portion of the trip will be out in the open, beneath the clouds. As such, I was quite exposed to today’s wet weather elements, and started to think about the fact that you know it is raining particularly hard in Cape Town whenContinue reading “You know it is raining hard when…”

Fighting Flu and Emptying My Email

I am one of those people who dreams about being organised. I would love to be one of those bloggers who can post about my fantastic filing systems, my nifty notebooks, my magnificent menu plans, my faultless finances, and my Pinterest-perfect printables.

But, alas, that level of organisation always seems to elude me. I have tried online systems, offline systems, OneNote, Filofaxes, flipfiles, printouts, Excel spreadsheets, paper calendars, Bullet Journals (which is my latest system, and one that seems to kind of work for me), and everything short of actually hiring someone to do it all for me.

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10 Signs You Are a (Husky) Furparent

10 Signs You Are a Furparent... How many of these have you experienced?

One thing that I have learned in the past 4 years is that when you become a parent of furchildren your life is furever (haha, see what I did there?) changed. It seems like this change is particularly evident in the case of canine furchildren, and even more so in the case of huskies (although I’m willing to admit that I may be biased).

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Friday the 13th (and other superstitions)

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a particularly superstitious person. I generally think of superstitious people as being slightly odd (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and, to be honest, I am probably classified as ‘slightly odd’ by many people). However, I woke up today (Friday the 13th of May) just waiting for something bad to happen…  Continue reading “Friday the 13th (and other superstitions)”