Formula 1 Fun!

When I was a little girl, my grandfather (rest his soul) was an avid Sunday watcher of Formula One. For many years I could not understand the appeal of watching cars drive around and around the same track for over 50 laps. All of that changed in 2012 after I started dating husband-man (who was then boyfriend-man).

My first ever Grand Prix was the Japanese race in 2012. I was so invested in Kamui Kobayashi getting a podium (i.e., third place) finish that I could barely contain my excitement. And from that moment I was hooked.

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Deliveries and Deaths

On Thursday afternoon, while I was working from home on redesigning tutorial activities for my first year psychology students, my doorbell rang. And the furchildren went wild – howling and barking and wooing everywhere (but particularly at the front gate). I’m often worried that whoever rings the doorbell is going to run for the hills when confronted with three wolf-like creatures and a dog, 3 of whom are particularly vocal (Nanuq is the strong, silent female type).

In any case, I managed to track down my keys, and the Doorbell Ringer had not disappeared before I got there.

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You know it is raining hard when…

Cape Town, and South Africa more generallyhas been hit by particularly violent cold front over the past 24 hours (apparently the north of our country is prone to tornadoes…. who knew??), and is supposed to be affected until Thursday.

The university where I work doesn’t have very many undercover walkways, so when you need to move from one side of the main campus to the other (which I had to do a couple of times today), a large portion of the trip will be out in the open, beneath the clouds. As such, I was quite exposed to today’s wet weather elements, and started to think about the fact that you know it is raining particularly hard in Cape Town whenContinue reading “You know it is raining hard when…”

Bathroom Bizarre

Today I went to the toilet at work. That in itself isn’t particularly exciting, or worthy of a blog post. However, it was what happened while I was in bathroom that was awkward beyond belief, and so (naturally) I am going to write about it for the world (or at least the 6 people who seem to like my blog) to read.

So I went into the bathroom, and entered my stall (my usual stall, always the same one, closest to the door, because I read once that the stall closest to the door is statistically the most likely to house the cleanest toilet). I was convinced I was alone in the bathroom because it was quiet. And then I looked down and I saw this (really cool looking) orange handbag on the floor of the stall next to me.  Continue reading “Bathroom Bizarre”