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“Sometimes life has things in store for us that leave us stunned when they happen… Using FML, everyone can tell their story, their day-to-day encounters with crapness and things that go wrong.”

I discovered FMyLife a number of years ago. It’s been a while since I have visited it, and wow, has it grown!

It is a place for people, from anywhere in the world, to post short stories about humiliating/upsetting/traumatic things that they experience (usually with a humorous flavour) . Each story starts with the word “Today” and ends with the acronym “FML”, and they are categorised under various topics, including ‘love’, ‘animals’, ‘kids’, and ‘geek’.

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WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Stories from the Trauma Bay

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“Stories about general surgery, trauma surgery, dumb patients, dumb doctors, and dumb shit from the dumb world around us.”
Stories from the Trauma Bay

Stories from the Trauma Bay is a blog by “Doc Bastard” who works as a surgeon at two different hospitals from different socioeconomic areas. He writes about his experiences with patients, other health professionals, people he encounters via social media, and about high priority medical cases.

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PostSecret is, I believe, one of the best initiatives to ever hit humanity.

According to the site, it is “an ongoing community art project” and “the largest advertisement-free Blog in the world”. At the time of my writing this, it had 752 974 854 hits. I’m not even sure how to say that number out aloud!

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Only Human Website of the Week: Perfect for all of those people who hate watching animals die in movies!

“Answering the most important movie question: does the dog die?”


As one of the most practical websites that I have ever come across, and one of the ones that I use most often in my personal life (as opposed to my work life, which are two very different things), I have chosen to make my first “Website of the Week”.

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