WRITING WELL: A Student Guide to Marker Happiness (part 5)

How to make your marker happy... Proofread your work!

Even more awful than reading assignments that are full of quotations, is reading assignments that have not been proofread. Continue reading “WRITING WELL: A Student Guide to Marker Happiness (part 5)”



WotW fmylife

“Sometimes life has things in store for us that leave us stunned when they happen… Using FML, everyone can tell their story, their day-to-day encounters with crapness and things that go wrong.”

I discovered FMyLife a number of years ago. It’s been a while since I have visited it, and wow, has it grown!

It is a place for people, from anywhere in the world, to post short stories about humiliating/upsetting/traumatic things that they experience (usually with a humorous flavour) . Each story starts with the word “Today” and ends with the acronym “FML”, and they are categorised under various topics, including ‘love’, ‘animals’, ‘kids’, and ‘geek’.

One of the ‘nice’ things about this site is that it is very interactive: Continue reading “WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: F My Life”

10 Signs You Are a (Husky) Furparent

10 Signs You Are a Furparent... How many of these have you experienced?

One thing that I have learned in the past 4 years is that when you become a parent of furchildren your life is furever (haha, see what I did there?) changed. It seems like this change is particularly evident in the case of canine furchildren, and even more so in the case of huskies (although I’m willing to admit that I may be biased).

So here are some of the experiences that I have had, which have made me realise that my life will never be the same again… Continue reading “10 Signs You Are a (Husky) Furparent”

Friday the 13th (and other superstitions)

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a particularly superstitious person. I generally think of superstitious people as being slightly odd (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and, to be honest, I am probably classified as ‘slightly odd’ by many people). However, I woke up today (Friday the 13th of May) just waiting for something bad to happen…  Continue reading “Friday the 13th (and other superstitions)”

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Stories from the Trauma Bay

WotW docbastard.jpg

“Stories about general surgery, trauma surgery, dumb patients, dumb doctors, and dumb shit from the dumb world around us.”
Stories from the Trauma Bay

Stories from the Trauma Bay is a blog by “Doc Bastard” who works as a surgeon at two different hospitals from different socioeconomic areas. He writes about his experiences with patients, other health professionals, people he encounters via social media, and about high priority medical cases.

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WRITING WELL: A Student Guide to Marker Happiness (part 3)

Keep it Simple (and Short)

This refers to EVERYTHING, including your argument, your sentences, and your language.

I can understand why undergraduates think that writing needs to be long and complicated. Let’s face it, most of what you are required to read is very long and very complicated. So it makes sense that you think that this is what we require in your writing. But here is the big secret… It isn’t.
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