Writing Well: A Student Guide to Marker Happiness (part 6)

Practise Makes Perfect

It is important (although often difficult) to remember that writing is just like any other skill (e.g., riding a bike or playing a musical instrument). The only (and I do mean the ONLY) way to get better at it is to practiseContinue reading “Writing Well: A Student Guide to Marker Happiness (part 6)”


Gandalf: Our Foster Fail

This is Gandalf (so named because he has a grey tuft of hair on his back, like Gandalf the Grey). AKA Gandy. AKA The Goose (which I think of as his dog mafia name, which is derived from the nursery rhyme, Goosey Goosey Gander).

Gandalf, like Storm, was a rescue from Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre. I wasn’t very keen on him (you will see that this is a bit of a theme when it comes to getting new dogs), partly because his one half blue/half brown eye freaked me out… But husband-man was, and so we made the trip to meet him. Continue reading “Gandalf: Our Foster Fail”

Matroosberg Magic

A Family Holiday with a Sprinkling of Snow

Yesterday we got back from a 3 night holiday at the amazing Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve with friends. We have been there twice before (we have stayed in their Ski Hut every time) and it is amazing. It is electricity (i.e., television, cellphone, etc.) free, it is quiet, it is cheap, it is where we got engaged, and best of all, it is somewhere that we can take our dogs… Family holiday for the win…

I love taking the dogs there because they can run freely and they enjoy it so much. There is a lovely hike up to some rockpools that we go on and the dogs have a wonderful time.

Exploring Dogs
The furkids exploring their new environment.

But this time was particularly special, as our snow dogs got to see snow for the first time.

Continue reading “Matroosberg Magic”

Bathroom Bizarre

Today I went to the toilet at work. That in itself isn’t particularly exciting, or worthy of a blog post. However, it was what happened while I was in bathroom that was awkward beyond belief, and so (naturally) I am going to write about it for the world (or at least the 6 people who seem to like my blog) to read.

So I went into the bathroom, and entered my stall (my usual stall, always the same one, closest to the door, because I read once that the stall closest to the door is statistically the most likely to house the cleanest toilet). I was convinced I was alone in the bathroom because it was quiet. And then I looked down and I saw this (really cool looking) orange handbag on the floor of the stall next to me.  Continue reading “Bathroom Bizarre”

Fighting Flu and Emptying My Email

I am one of those people who dreams about being organised. I would love to be one of those bloggers who can post about my fantastic filing systems, my nifty notebooks, my magnificent menu plans, my faultless finances, and my Pinterest-perfect printables.

But, alas, that level of organisation always seems to elude me. I have tried online systems, offline systems, OneNote, Filofaxes, flipfiles, printouts, Excel spreadsheets, paper calendars, Bullet Journals (which is my latest system, and one that seems to kind of work for me), and everything short of actually hiring someone to do it all for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t as if my life is a downwardly spiraling, out of control disaster. Continue reading “Fighting Flu and Emptying My Email”


WotW fmylife

“Sometimes life has things in store for us that leave us stunned when they happen… Using FML, everyone can tell their story, their day-to-day encounters with crapness and things that go wrong.”

I discovered FMyLife a number of years ago. It’s been a while since I have visited it, and wow, has it grown!

It is a place for people, from anywhere in the world, to post short stories about humiliating/upsetting/traumatic things that they experience (usually with a humorous flavour) . Each story starts with the word “Today” and ends with the acronym “FML”, and they are categorised under various topics, including ‘love’, ‘animals’, ‘kids’, and ‘geek’.

One of the ‘nice’ things about this site is that it is very interactive: Continue reading “WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: F My Life”